Grading and the Rest of the Tunnel

I’m in the thick of it.

I have gotten through about 11 of the 50-odd book/movie-reviews I’m to grade in the next four days, which is not bad. I’m hoping to get through another 20 or so today, leaving ten for tomorrow and ten for Tuesday, which is a national holiday.

On Wednesday, I’ll be receiving the Final Essays from my Advanced Composition course, and by that point all the grading for my Public Speaking course should be basically finished… they’re giving their final presentations on Monday and Wednesday of this week, which means my grading will consist mainly of filling out grade sheets during their presentations. On Thursday evening, I’ll be getting the final projects from my Media English class, with the exception of one or two presentations to be made the following week. Next weekend I’ll be grading a lot less material than I am this weekend, and it looks like at least some of my classes will be unofficially finished by Wednesday, because final exams begin that day and students will be wanting to study instead of attending the final class (and I cannot blame them). By unofficially finished, I mean that I’ll be there and an activity will be prepared, but attendance will be optional and I doubt many people will show up.

So really, today is going to be my heaviest grading-day. This is a nice thing, if I think about it. But I am getting nervous — I still have reading and prep to do before I leave, I haven’t packed a stitch, and I have files I need to back up so I can bring them with me to Clarion. Oh, me, oh, my.

Still, I’m getting there. And I only have 25-odd pages of editing to do… Whew.

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