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Brief note: mainly posting this so as not to lose the link or have to hunt for it: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2001 was awarded for work in chirality, which is something that looks like it will be an important science bitlet in the story I’m writing now. The link above is a really good explanation of what the hell chirality is.

Working like mad, hoping to finish this at midweek and, barring objections, submit it for crit on a day when fewer submissions are currently scheduled. If it’s okay with our very cool new instructor, Maureen McHugh, who by the way rocks. My first story is being critiqued tomorrow. I’m curious to see what reactions come from the class, because so far their readings and critiques have been quite good, quite thoughtful and diverse and yet hitting on a lot of important shared points. It shall probably be quite fruitful, even if a touch difficult (as all first critiques are in a new group).

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