I remember this story fondly! That afternoon in Seattle, reading it over and thinking, “Hey, this is weird…” … in a good way. It’s dark, but sweet, like a chocolate that you never had yourself as a kid, but probably will appreciate more for having waited till adulthood to taste. Eh? Anyway, my classmate and […]

Ten Spikes, A Grasshopper, and Nemonymous Thing

I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been multitasking so much this semester, but I’m currently reading a bunch of different books — about the first ten on the Now Reading animation that runs in my sidebar, with the rest being books I plan on reading next. Anyway, this multitasking has also bled over […]

Go Read… (Classmates Plug)

Go check out Ben Burgis’s pre-Clarion West story “Three Perspectives on the Role of the Anarchists in the Zombie Apocalypse” (ahem) over at Afterburn SF. (It has Ben’s fingerprints all over it.) Then go read Meghan Sinoff’s award-winning “Shift,” currently online at Asimov’s. Both tales are worth your while. Just a year ago — was […]

IROSF — The Ones to Watch

I forgot to post this: The Internet Review of Science Fiction had a piece about up-and-coming writers, and had a profile on the Texan fantasist (and my classmate) Shawn Scarber. Check it out: The Ones to Watch.

Sufficient Cause

I want a pissu. Huh? Go read this story by my classmate Tina.  And while you’re at it, go read my classmate Ben’s sister Stephanie Burgis’s story, Crow.