One-Shot Workshops

I won’t be able to make any of these, unfortunately, but you should think about them, if you’re writing SF:

Leslie Howle from Clarion West has coordinated a series of one-day writing workshops with Richard Hugo House in Seattle this spring. There are five scheduled:

Paul Park on January 28th – Fantastic Places – Making the Unreal Real
Connie Willis on February 25th – The Techniques and Tropes of SF
Terry Bisson on March 25th – Who Likes Short Shorts
Peter Beagle on April 29th – Dialogue Says it All
Karen Joy Fowler on May 20 – Soylent Green is People (making characters come to life)

Class size limited to 15, but they need at least 10. They still need a few more people for Park’s class this month.

Paul’s an excellent teacher, and I recommend him highly. He has a way of seeing things that he can communicate to you, so that you yourself also develop a way of seeing things. He just rocked, period.

Contact for the workshops is here.

(text ganked from Tina’s page)

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