Sometimes You Gotta Push To Get People To Do Their Jobs

The travel agent booking our flight, for example.

She claimed that it would be impossible to confirm our return ticket direct from Vancouver to Incheon. I suggested we fly via Tokyo, and she insisted that, no, this was simply not possible. Only one stop in Tokyo would be possible, she said, and that was the one we were using to get over to Canada.

Puzzled, because this sounds stupid, given that all the direct flights to Vancouver are booked but those via Tokyo aren’t, I called Air Canada and asked whether it was true that only one such transit was allowed. The Air Canada rep was all, “Huh? No, of course not! Get them to try booking via Japan for you!” The ticket agent only speaks Korean, so I got Lime to call her and insist she try, and what do you know?

It was possible, after all… the “impossibility” of a second transit in Narita Airport somehow just vanished before the ticket agent’s eyes, and the “higher price” she warned us about us turned out not to be higher at all. (At least not significantly so, at least not that I’ve heard so far.) This means that now we’re actually confirmed on all legs of our flight.

The only thing left is, in Tokyo, I’m going to see if I can’t get an extra day stopover to hang out. This lets me upgrade the seat, if possible, to business class, but also fly with Lime most of the way back. Hell, who wouldn’t take a stopover there, given the chance? I may be having to miss out on the Paul Park workshop in Seattle that day, but heck, I’ll take a day or two in Tokyo if I can swing it, seeing as I’ve never even been there before except to transfer from one plane to another! (And it’d be nice to be a little familiar with the city, as I’ll be passing through on my way to WorldCon in Yokohama next summer.)

Anyway: I’ll be in Canada in less than 72 hours now. Lots to do. Off I go.

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