Couple More Pics

Tina commented on the last post that I’d included no pics of myself, so here are a couple, after the cut.

Me with Charlie

On Charlie’s stag night, too many pints but I did get to wander around downtown Melbourne with some of his friends. Sunday morning was a bit rough.

Ian and I at the airport

We forgot to get, you know, photographic evidence that we’d actually met since Clarion, so we maybe broke the law and took a shot in the airport, past security. You know that they let non-travelers past the security gate at the airport in Canberra? It’s very civilized.

Downtown Melbourne at Night

This is one of the few shots that didn’t turn out like crap. It was a lovely night by the Yarra River (?), but I only captured a tiny bit of that. They say it’s spring, but it’s more like early summer in Saskatchewan, or very early spring in Korea.

Probably off in a bit, and now I think I may not post again till well after I’ve returned to Korea.

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