Just back from Charlie’s wedding, and found this post on Ritu’s LJ. While still a mite pensive, I’m doing the meme.

1) This is the 1st of September, what do you want to accomplish by the 31st?

I need to revise 2 more stories (or more) to send out to major fiction markets by the end of September. I took up a challenge to do so.

2) What does September make you think about or feel?

Two perhaps contradictory feelings: one, the beginning of the academic year. It’s when school always started for me, throughout my life, so it’s a feeling of beginnings and new and neat possibilities. Then there’s the feeling I get knowing autumn is drawing near. It used to be disappointment, knowing winter would soon follow, which was awful in Saskatchewan. But nowadays, the coming of autumn is a kind of relief for me… Korean summers are far worse than Canadian winters.

3) September is the ninth month; can you name nine memories so far from this year?

  • Walking on the beach with Lime in Thailand.
  • Bowing before my father’s body after he passed away.
  • Moving to Bucheon just in time for the spring semester.
  • Getting news that I had been accepted to Clarion West 2006.
  • Marking loads of essays until my eyes felt like they were going to fall out of my head.
  • Handing in my last Clarion West story, “Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moon’s Blues” and having no more new stories to write for the workshop.
  • Having coffee at the shopping mall with my Mum just before going to my old friend Karen’s wedding in Saskatoon.
  • Arriving back in Korea and seeing Lime across the street from the airport bus stop, coming to meet me.
  • Seeing Charlie Bell and Claire Bickell get married (a few hours ago).

4) What does September have in common with three other months and can you name them?

It ends with the letters b-e-r (October, November, December). Duh!

5) The first weekend in September signals the end of summer for many even though it doesn’t really end for weeks. When does summer end for you?

Summer ends for me on the first evening when I feel cool enough to want to wear shoes instead of sandals outside. This is sometime in September in Saskatoon and Montreal, and sometime in early October in Korea, in my experience.

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