jesus camp trailer

Over on YouTube, you can see the trailer for the documentary Jesus Camp Now do you see why I find it ironic when Americans criticise the Islamic world as being basically religious-fundamentalist?

3 thoughts on “jesus camp trailer

  1. You’re forgetting a little thing called proportion. And trust me, I would love to just put these wackos in the same battlefield with the islamos wackos and take bets as to who comes out on top. The lesson we all need to learn; don’t let any of these nutjobs have any power. It’s about fucking time the rational rule the earth.

  2. Well, see, I was kind of thinking that those who use the word “Islam” to mean “Islamic fundamentalism” are also forgetting the same little thing called proportion, which is kind of my point. :)

    With the right media coverage (or the wrong, I should say) you can make any society out to be full of religious nuts.

    Still, I agree, it’d be lovely if we could get all the extreme-religious nutjobs on both sides and have them fight it out on the moon. And never send any vehicle to pick up whoever wins the fight. The rest of us would be rid of them, and thus the victors in that particular battle.

    Ah, such a dream.

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