Online Market and Submission Tracker

So, running Linux, I couldn’t find a proper market/submissions tracker, which is a bad thing because, really, I’d much rather be using a sensibly organized database program to be tracking my submissions than, say, a klunky Excel file or a notebook.

What I found was the creation of Clarion 2004 graduate Charles Schoenfeld, The Writer’s Database: Market and Submission Tracker. I was a little dismayed to find out that the database didn’t allow users to share market information, since after all, it feels silly to have to type in market info that others have already plugged into the system, so I emailed asking about this.

His very quick and friendly response was to the effect that version 2.0, which will allow market info sharing, is almost ready for the launch. It’s a cool service he’s offering, for free. (He’s only asking for donations in the donation hat, if you can swing them, with the suggested $10 looking quite reasonable if version 2.0 does what he suggests!)

It’s something to keep your eye on, and I think it’s likely this is the tracker I’ll be using, since I’ll be sending out a big schwack of stories soon.

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