I was gonna do some writing…

But my hard drive filled up. It filled up to the point my word processor was crashing, but of course I didn’t know that was what happened, so I logged out, rebooted, and then, after the reboot, it wouldn’t let me log in. The hard drive was so damned full that I couldn’t even log in, there was no room for the logs to run and log my logging in.

And I don’t know the command line in Linux quite well enough to deal with that unaided.

Happily, I had Lime’s old laptop here, and I connected to the net and got all the info I needed. I deleted the root of a certain old TV series I was not really downloading (I’d loaded it to start but then perpetually paused it)… something about aliens eating rats, nudge nudge. I also deleted a few of my background image files, which is fine since they needed a bit of changing up anyway.

So now I’m logged in again, and fine again, but don’t quite feel like writing anymore, which is too bad — I got a couple of cool little ideas over the last few days. Maybe I’ll try plug some text into one of these stories anyway. We’ll see…

And yes, I know, I should clean out my frigging hard drive. I plan on it, since I need to set up a dual-boot with Linux, Windows, and try to have a third partition where the filesystem is available to both. I’ve heard it’s possible, and it’d be nice.

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