Writing Group in Seoul?

I couldn’t find one. And I looked, believe me.

I’ve produced so much fiction that I’m leery to share it all with the one crit group I have, my Clarion West classmates. So I was thinking I could get a secondary group, a local writing group I could join maybe.

Turns out, at least from googling, no such thing exists.

If anyone’s interested, and cool with genre fiction, I’m interested, and cool with non-genre (whatever that means). Drop me a line. I was thinking meetings every 2-3 weeks, maybe.

8 thoughts on “Writing Group in Seoul?

  1. Tinatsu:

    Yeah, but I want time away from my PC, with real people. There’s something energizing about being face to face with other Sysyphuses (Sysyphi? Sysiphyiae?), don’tcha find?

    *grin* If I posted everything I’ve written/detrunked in the last few weeks, you guys would be booting me. It’s something like 6 or 7 stories. Okay, 5 of them flash, but still.

  2. Nathan: Thanks. :)

    Christine: Cool, do so. Pass on my email address to her.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to review a certain article I read in the way from Australia to Korea. I flew Singapore Air, and there was a magazine called Asia! and in it, a fine article titled “The Writing Cage” which reminded me a lot of my experiences at Clarion West.

    Small world, huh? Good article, Christine!

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