Toxic waste mystery in Ivory Coast

Got some toxic waste? Too costly to dump in Europe? Hey, why not just dump it in Africa? Toxic waste mystery in Ivory Coast deepens – health – 15 September 2006 – New Scientist reports:

Seven people are now reported dead, and 30,000 injured, by toxic waste dumped in August at 11 open tips around Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The Ivorian cabinet has resigned over the incident, and on Friday angry crowds burned the house of the port director. But some dumps are still reported to be unfenced, with children playing in them.

Treatment of the victims will depend on what poisoned them, which remains a mystery.

This world needs corporate death penalties. If your company is involved in crap like this, your company is beheaded and cannot ever reform in any fashion. And everyone along the chain who is even remotely responsible does jail time, and corporate assets all go to the victims (slowly, until it’s determined that no more victims exist somewhere else).

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