More Gleanings

Been grading. More amusing bitlets:

  • Tom Cruise isn’t his name. His real name is Thomas Cruise.
  • Universities are obviously obligated to provide convenient services to students, like, say, free bus service to the subways. Because 2km is too far to walk, and the equivalent of 25 cents per ride is ridiculously overpriced, whereas 10 cents would be reasonable. I’m not sure why the student thinks so.

    (And I should note, I often use this bus. But I happen to think it’s an inexpensive and handy service, actually.)

  • What’s M.C. an abbreviation for?

    That’s right, Menstruation. (Apparently, this is a Chinese-English abbreviation, not a Korean one.)

I am continually learning odd things.

2 thoughts on “More Gleanings

  1. 2km isn’t far at all, except when you’re in a dreadful hurry.

    A world in which 2km is a long distance to walk is a world that is well on its way to ecological destruction; a society in which 2km is too far to walk is going to end up obese and unhealthy.

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