Firefox or My Computer…

It might be the mousepad, or maybe it’s Friefox. Either way, sometimes when I am browsing the web, when I use the mousepad to scroll down, random pages load onscreen. Like this bridal support group page. Maybe it’s google ads being accidentally clicked, or maybe it’s using some random search, because I know for sure I don’t have this page bookmarked anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Firefox or My Computer…

  1. oh, this used to happen to me! My guess is you’re hitting the part of the mousepad that acts as the ‘middle button’ for the mouse (Eric says that’s the top right corner).

    Middle button is paste, so it’s pasting what you had in your clipboard, and googling it. As in, “I’m Feeling Lucky.” As in, random bridal support group.

    Dunno what you had in your clipboard to find that… ;)

  2. No idea, but I’m not sure I have a middle button function enabled. But I’ll have a look and see whether I can find one to disable, as this weird quirk is quite annoying…

    And now I wonder what was in my clipboard, too.

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