Free Hug[s]?

The other day, Lime and I saw some young women in Seoul, near Hong Ik University, holding up a Free Hug sign. Lime told me it was a new big trend in Seoul.

I see it’s not a native invention, however.

That it’s not native isn’t a criticism, mind: I think anything that makes people more relaxed about public friendliness and displays of respectful affection are a good thing, in any society.

3 thoughts on “Free Hug[s]?

  1. That’s quite touching.

    I wonder how it will work in this society, though. Western society in general is more open to public friendliness. From what I’ve experienced here, people walk around in their own little bubbles, crashing and jostling through the crowd but maintaining emotional distance.

    I think it would be great if it did work, but I honestly can’t imagine it working. Although near Hongik… who knows?

  2. Charles,

    Yeah… I kind of have my doubts, and I do think people do walk in their own little bubbles — which in one way suggests reasons why people are such unaware pedestrians. Because it seems to me pedestrians here are, in many ways, more tuned out of their surroundings than back in North America. On my trip home yesterday, no less than five times someone just suddenly stopped in front of me, and I almost smashed into them from behind, two of those times at the tops or bottoms of stairways.

    I do wonder how it’s working out here, though I suspect any success it is enjoying is more focused on Hongik than anything. I saw this happening at the Flea Market (ha, “Free Market”, hahaha, now I get it), and that’s the oddballest of the oddballs in this country, I think.


    Cool. :)

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