AFM stands for A F___ing Meltdown.

Both of my computer systems went bonkers today, which is strange, and is one of those little things that happens when you use a totally-free OS, I suppose. Ubuntu went mad on my laptop, though in that case, simply running the LiveCD fixed it, which sometimes happens in good old 5.10.

But in version 6.10, something weirder’s going on. My DVD-ROM drive won’t even open once the system has started up, and I also had to put in some little file blocking part of the startup system, as outlined here. (Though, you might note, that is the fix for another problem and not the one outline in that post. It just happened to work for my problem a s well, or so it seems… at the cost of immobilizing the DVD-R drive.)

By the way, my phone’s also started disconnecting at random times, as well. But I think that in that case, it’s the battery dying, since it seems to be going fine now that I’ve swapped to the secondary, rarely-used battery. We’ll see over the next few days, though.

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