Now Using Flickr

I’m now using Flickr to host my photos, as you can see from the new photo-block and link in the sidebar. I have uploaded a bunch, and with my pro account, I’ll be able to upload a bunch more. All I need to do is get around to doing it. I have 2 gigs of bandwith allowed me per month, so I think most of my decent photos from the last few years should be uploaded by the time next semester starts.

Note that there will be some pics — shots of my girlfriend, and others — that will be subject to privacy settings. In Korea, she said, some people trawl the net looking for photos of Korean women that they can post to nasty sites where they can mock them, make nasty comments about how they are in bed, and things like this. This is the reason she gave for not wanting me to upload pics of her to my site. However, using Flickr, I can limit access to photos and still share them with friends. Therefore, if you’re a Flickr user and haven’t friended me, please do. You’ll see more pics that way.

I was hoping to upload some shots from my camera, but I need to attempt a data recovery, as my camera seems to have de-formatted the memory card somehow. It’s quite distressing. Anyway, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next hour or so.

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