Slouching Towards Christmas

Feeling sick. Not doing much of anything right now. Vegging. Surfing. Gonna watch a movie.

I’m hoping to kick this cold by next week. I have a somewhat busy week ahead, as the last real week of classes for the semester. Play performance Monday. Tuesday, a lecture and review for an exam. Wednesday and Thursday, I’m having the writing students do an unusual assignment — writing me letters about my class. Thursday, a lecture on “The Canadian Identity”. Then that’s it. A final exam on the following Tuesday, and piles of essays to read but a lot of time to get it done, too.

I’m at that point now when I really am needing a holiday. Last summer, going to Seattle was nice, but Clarion West was still hard work. And the previous semester break was shocking, with my father passing on suddenly, and a lot of traveling.

I’m thinking of visiting China briefly, for some research and time out of country. Lime and I are planning a short trip to Canada this February, too. All that sounds nice. So I just have to get through the next week of classes, not get sicker, and maybe get a little less sick, and I can relax a little.

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