Three Cheers For Lime!

Well, those of you who know, know that Lime’s been hoping to get into a certain branch of medicine for the rest of her residency. There’s good news: she got the call today, and, well, she probably wouldn’t want me to say anything too explicit, but… if SARS broke out in Korea, or bird flu, or some other newfangled scary disease, she’d be among the people dealing with it.

Think Outbreak. Except she’s much cuter than Dustin Hoffman ever was.

8 thoughts on “Three Cheers For Lime!

  1. thank you all!
    yeah, right, I’m going to work in KCDC (korea
    center for disease control) next year.
    I’ve been interested in infectious disease and epidemiology.
    And I heard KCDC is the best place to learn and experience all kind of infectious disease in Korea, even a rare one.
    I’m pretty excited! :)

  2. Gord, does Lime want any books written in English about specific epidemics? Drop me an e-mail if she does, and sometime in the next 2 years when I send you some books, I can include one of those for her. :) (If not, but you’re interested, the offer still stands. I’m feeling generous about epidemic books, having received one yesterday and having heard about my brother-in-law having received one, as well. I got smallpox, he got cholera.)

  3. wow, thank you, Julia! It’s very nice of you, and I’m very interested. Specific epidemics? Mm.. I’m looking forward to getting it.
    thank you again :)

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