Bloody Argh Against the Topdown Sysadmin, and Nice Furniture

I don’t know which idiot set things up this way, but I cannot even comment on my own bloody website. Whoever set up this little proxy deal on campus — or at least, that’s what I’m told the symptoms look like — is a moron. People can send and recieve email from Korean servers, sure, but I can’t comment on my website. I can’t send email via Gmail unless I login using “https:”. My access to all kinds of other websites is similarly hampered, as I noticed on several Linux forums I tried to access when I thought maybe it was an Ubuntu Linux problem. (It isn’t, as I’m having the same bloody effect when I boot to Windows.)

What kind of moronic amateur crap is this? Worse, they did it over the holiday, when nobody can be called to fix it. Seriously, it kicked in on Friday of last week, the deadline for punching in freaking gradesheets, of all days! (And as a result it took me two hours to get them to upload to my email and print so I could hand them in for a secretary to punch into the computer system.) And then I got to live with it all holiday long.

So for whoever’s commenting on my site, I’m reading your comments. I just haven’y got access to my own bloody comments system while on campus.

On the bright side, a very nice man gave Lime and I some very nice big wonderful wardrobes. That was cool. He even tried to deliver them to my place for free, though happily he accepted the money Lime slipped him when he was about to leave. I’ll post a pic of the furniture when we get it moved into the place we’ll be living in come March.

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