Someone I know and care about actually argued to me today that 9-11 was set up by and carried out by the CIA. Anyone know a good, non-hostile book that explains the origin of this myth and why it’s nonsense, without being overly pro-Bush?

And if such a book doesn’t exist, why not? Perhaps someone needs to write it.

One thought on “Recommendations?

  1. Book? No. Website? Yes.

    Somewhere in there is the link to a website or two that debunks 9/11 myths like that. Problem is, it’s buried in a lot of argument. (Avoid reading any comments by Solar Roller, would be my advice — that’ll cut down on what you wade through. But it’s 100+ screens of comments…. If you want me to dig through the post myself to cull out the relevant info, shoot me an e-mail or comment on my LJ to let me know, and I’ll get to it sometime in the next 48 hours.)

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