Big Change in Plans

Well, my travel companion Randy just left today, and I got some bad news from Lime. It looks like January is a much better time for her to fly to Canada then February — in fact, flying in February looks impossible, because the number of male interns who did not get a position for March is high and many of them are obliged to go directly to military service, meaning a lot of male interns will be gone in February.

Which means if we’re going to go to Canada, it’s going to have to be in January. And there’s not that much of January left, after all. So…

Anyway, it’s still up in the air, a little, but what it looks like now is the following:

  • I go to Nanjing today, check out some sights, and put in a full day tomorrow doing the same.
  • Come back from Nanjing tomorrow night, follow through on my vow to myself to actually go to the tallest building in town, vertigo and all, and then get some sleep, and fly to Incheon Monday afternoon or evening, depending on ticket availability.
  • Fly to Canada next weekend.

After that, I’m probably going to spend February in Bucheon, writing and reading. I’m hoping to get the revision of my novel from two Februaries ago done, and get one or two of my Clarion stories (yes, including the Lester Young story) tidied up and sent out as well.

After that, I think I’ll start working on the novel idea I’ve got in my head. There are at least two storylines, one set in the 1860s and one set in the late 1990s, both in… where else? China (well, and London, maybe a snippet in Bengal and Burma as well). But in an alternate history where things turned out quite differently.

Last thing: I uploaded some of my pics, but most of them are RAW and it’ll have to wait till I get to a PC that can convert them. And since the net connection is slow in Shanghai — still problems because of that cable that was severed underwater during the earthquake a while back — I have a feeling it’ll either be when I get home, or, more likely, in February that I’ll be uploading my Shanghai pics.

In any case, I should be off to the train station — I’ll be in Nanjing this evening.

2 thoughts on “Big Change in Plans

  1. Verve? Ha… you might think otherwise were you traveling with me. I was a grouch sometimes on that China trip. But I feel okay now… except the frantic business of flying out of town in a few days again…

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