À Montréal

We’re here in one piece, staying at a very nice hostel that, despite all expectations, I in fact prefer to the last one I stayed at in Montreal.

We pigged out on Lebanese food, which we’ve both missed, and marveled at how lots of the places we’d planned to go had changed in the years since we’ve lived in the city. Tomorrow, we’ll start out early and go to a few places we wanted to go, eat a few more things we’ve missed, have an evening coffee with my friend Astrid, and prepare to leave for Vancouver on Friday morning. It’s far too short a visit, or, I would say that if it weren’t so damned cold. I think living in Korea has softened me in terms of cold weather.

Internet access from here on out is paid, so if I don’t email in a timely manner, expect a response sometime next week.

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