Poulet en Fuite

Or something. The only person who would get that in-joke doesn’t know enough French to know what it means.

Anyway, Yae Rim and I have passed a good day and a half in Montreal–pigging out on foods we cannot eat in Seoul, shopping (we got some books and some winter clothes of a warmth, quality, and price that is unmatchable in Korea), meeting the one friend I got hold of and was available (good old Astrid), and she’s now sleeping. I should be, too, but I promised myself I’d sleep on the plane tomorrow, so I’m not terribly worried. Up at 9:00, shuttle bus at 11:00, plane takes off at around 2:00pm. We’ll be in Vancouver around 4:30pm local time, and seeing Guy and Tinatsu from my Clarion West class, and then staying the night at Guy’s.

Vancouver’s more Lime’s place than mine. Given that we have only one day there, I’ve not arranged any meetings with anyone. The only thing I would like to do is grab myself an extra pair of jeans, relax in a coffee shop for a while, and maybe take in a movie on Saturday night. Something that won’t play in Korea, like Pan’s Labyrinth or maybe Perfume (which may or may not make its way to our side of the ocean).

That reminds me, I actually saw a good film in flight the other day: U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha (2005), directed by Mark Dornford-May. It was a South African production of Bizet’s opera Carmen, set in a South African township and sung completely in Xhosa. This was much less forgettable than whatever it was I saw on the flight over, and even though I missed the last few minutes — or maybe because of it — this film has been bouncing around in my brain ever since.

3 thoughts on “Poulet en Fuite

  1. Hope you get to see Pan’s Labyrinth! My friend Terri enjoyed it very much. From her description, I’m not sure I would. Dan is going to see it with a friend on Sunday. :)

  2. Maura,

    Whoops, I saw this comment too late. It’s Saturday afternoon and they’re all in or near Seattle by now. But I’ll direct them to this comment. It sure was good seeing them again.


    We won’t get to see it in Canada, anyway. I’ll have to wait for the DVD or something. And since it’s Spanish, I’m just hoping there’s English subs or I’ll have to wait a long time indeed… or maybe download it and get myself some separate subs.

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