Crystal Methuselah… Done! (Sorta)

I’m still working on a new title, and it needs a little sweeping up and so on, but  the rewrite is basically complete, and I did some hard-core editing, and I also got it down to under 4000 words, which is quite a feat considering it was 5,000 words just the other day. And what was lost? Far as I can tell, only fat and gristle. I split a scene into two pieces, moved a few things around, but mostly it was just repetitions, verbiage, that kind of junk. I am quite pleased and feel like I’m getting a better handle on this editing business as I go along. Of course, we’ll see if any editors agree with me once I send it out.

I’m going to let it steep and age for a week, and then give it another go and then boot it from my home clutching a cover letter in its little hand. (Online submission, so no SASE at this stage.)

I think, rather than choose a writing project to jump into next, tomorrow will be a reading-only day, and I’ll start (or return to) my next project on Monday.

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