Sale #1

Sold my first story today! Pahwakhe, to Fantasy magazine. See here.

(Amusingly, several people I know contacted me to congratulate me, before I even saw the acceptance email. I was sleeping and found my email inbox full.)

I’m pleased. It’s encouraging, because up to now, I’ve mostly been writing in a void and sending off stories into a void. I get positive feedback from friends, classmates, like that, but until someone buys something, you know, it’s just friends being nice.

Anyway, there you go. Late 2007 will see the publication of my first sale, a spooky little (read: very short) first-contact ghost story set among West Coast Native Americans.

UPDATE:  I forgot to note that this flash piece (1500 words) was first drafted on a Wednesday night at Clarion West 2006. I think it was a Wednesday night. (And I think this brings it to third Clarion West 2006 story bought by Wallace, the previous two being by Maura and Caroline.)

13 thoughts on “Sale #1

  1. That’s great news, Gord!

    And our positive feedback is never just “friends being nice”–this is a well-deserved sale. Can’t wait to see the print version of “Pahwakhe.”

  2. Tinatsu… no, I know it’s not really just friends being nice. But critical advice & supportiveness is different from someone saying, “Okay, I’ll buy that!”, if you know what I mean. Friends are a boost, but selling something reminds you that your stuff is actually saleable.

    I’m totally not dissing friends and their supportiveness. But it’s nice that someone who doesn’t know me from Adam bought my little tale. Ooops, forgot to note that it was a Clarion West 2006 story, should do so.

  3. Rock on, sir!

    > But it’s nice that someone who doesn’t know me from Adam bought my little tale.

    Hurm. So they can’t tell us apart, eh? If I get a check in the mail, I’ll forward it to you.

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