Arpy Berfdy To Me

I’m thirty-three today. Lots of lazing about, some chocolate ice cream cake, fiddling with computers, watching tons of Lost Season 2, an episode of Carnivale Season 2, some reading. No mountain hiking, as it was rainy and windy and nasty. And no Blade Runner, we ran out of time, but we’ll work it in sometime in the next week or so.

Lime got me tickets to a Chick Corea & Gary Burton show next weekend. Which is very, very cool. :)

And I continue to fiddle, backing up files on the PC Lime is inheriting from me. I wanted to get her a new one, in part to bring her into the wireless age, since our home network is now up and running, and she decided she’d rather have the one I’d been using for a year, and which she knows is working, and which has a nice wide screen for DVD-watching (one of her main uses for a computer) so I could get something a little lighter and more easily portable, and with more bells and whistles and such. This here computer I’m posting on is so new it feels science fictional to me. Still not tiny, but a good balance of portability vs usability. And it’s sleek…

But I have to port all my files over to it, and what’s more, I need to get Ubuntu working on it — including the built-in webcam and bluetooth and all — before I’ll be able to rest. I’m hoping a lot will work out of the box, but imagining a week’s work plus some continued reliance on the Windows partition for a few functions that’ll probably not work until the next release of Ubuntu comes out.

Or maybe it’ll all work perfectly. Heh. Right.

11 thoughts on “Arpy Berfdy To Me

  1. Eh? You’re the 4th person I know, now. That’s a little weird. :)

    No, wait, th date displayed is the day after my birthday. (I have a habit of referring to “today” as the time from when I wake to when I wake the next day. So my birthday is on March 4th, just to clarify. Is yours on the 5th?

    Happy birthday to you, too!

  2. Ah, to clarify, I was referring to the 5th, and I wasn’t referring to my birthday… I was referring to my wedding anniversary. But close enough, right?

  3. Aha… well, pretty close, yeah. Happy anniversary! I’ll come see your blog in the next day or two… I’ll bet I missed a post on the subject. It’s been madness here.

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