One more thing for LJers…

I would encourage you to drop the gordsellarfeed and start reading my posts off the main Eclexys page, where you’re welcome to comment. I’ll be seeing whether the old feed can be discontinued, you see, so… switch now! While you have time, and all that!

7 thoughts on “One more thing for LJers…

  1. I think you have to bug an admin about messing with the lj feed. (The person who sets up a feed can’t go back and edit it, unfortunately.)

  2. Aha. Well, I’ll leave it for a bit, and when it seems like enough time has passed for people to have switched over, then I’ll make the change.

    Thanks, Julia!

  3. ahhhh–Gord, I was able to suddenly just subscribe to your blog on bloglines and now i can see your posts! (before, I could only see comments to posts, which explains my irregular visits to your blog). Ahhhhh. Now I can keep up on a saner level!

  4. you were newly registered, so your post didn’t show up! I had to approve you. I’m glad you subbed. Was the feedburner feed not working on bloglines before? Or were you subbed to the comments feed?

  5. Ah–that makes sense. For some reason, my old feed only received comments on your posts but not the posts themselves. So I guess I must have been subbed to teh comments feed.

    Anyway your bringing this subject up on your blog got me to try again, and now I’m subbed to your main feed!

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