Didn’t Have To Exaggerate

Yellow DustLast summer the Yellow Dust from China featured centrally in my story “The Country of the Young”, which is currently still a pending submission at Asimov’s SF. While a lot of the story featured exaggerations — in technology, and in the frightening power that corporations can have in a society in political transition, — one thing I didn’t really exaggerate was the Yellow Dust. I didn’t have to, it’s scary enough on its own.

For those of my friends whose Korean ability is as bad as mine, this this link to the article where I got the pic might be less than useful, but then again, pictures speak louder than words. (I’d intended to climb the mountain on campus today, but it turns out to have been a good thing that I was lazy.)

Apparently it’s the worst Yellow Dust storm yet… according to Lime, the caption for the photo was “the worst”, in more of a “holy crap this is awful!” sense, though it’s also “worst” this year, for sure. Happy April Fool’s Day.

4 thoughts on “Didn’t Have To Exaggerate

  1. Gee, and I thought the hacking cough I had this morning as a result of sitting too close to the fire for too long last night was bad. If I went out in that, it would be significantly worse. :P

  2. I knew it was bad… didn’t realize it was the worst. Although that’s a bit vague… the worst since when? The worst this year? The worst ever? The caption seems to be saying “the worst this year.”

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