Google Pic Meme Game

Pilfered (heh) from Nick Mamatas’s LJ, and following his variation on the rules:

Plug your answers into Google Image and post pics. How hard can it be? The rule is actually to pick the first photo, but I just picked the first reasonably sized photo that wasn’t pornographic instead.

I also chose the most interesting of the first two, because some of them really sucked. If you don’t like it, you can lick the insides of my shoes.

1. Your age on your next birthday:

34 hearts

2. Your favorite color

Cerulean Pumpkin
3. Your middle name:

4. The last meal you ate:

coffee and pizza?
(as if! I don’t know how coffee & cold pizza got me this image…)

5. Your bad habit:

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable:


kam kyul

7. Your favorite animal:

Animal, the orange drummer from the muppet show!
8. The town you live in:


9. The name of your pet:

I don’t have one!

10. SO/best friend’s name:


11. Your crush’s name:

See #10.

12. Your occupation:


13. Your birth city:

Blantyre, Malawi, a city in East Africa

14. Your favorite song:

Army of Me

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