Up, Down

On the up side, I realized what kind of a story “A Killing in Burma Incheon” really wants to be, except it might have a different title in which case I may someday be able to reuse “A Killing in Burma” since I just love it as a title, in a way that I’ll never love “A Killing in Incheon.” Including all kinds of craziness. It kind of dribbled into clarity on the train home from meeting someone this evening, and should I ever write it, I’ll be putting him high on the thank-yous list. The thank-yous being a list because it’s probably some kind of novel or novella.

On the down side, I missed a call from Lime, and thought she would try call back a while later. I was wrong. She’s traveling now (long story), and it would have been nice to hear her voice. Argh.

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