Should Study a Little More

Today I had a conversation with Lime’s mother, on the phone. Here’s a rendering of it, in English, though the original conversation was in Korean:

Lime’s Mom: “Hello?”
Me: “Hello?”
Lime’s Mom: “Hi, Gord? This is Lime’s mother calling.”
Me: “Hi. Yes. I’m knowing… er, I know.”
Lime’s Mom: “How have you been?”
Me: “Fine. How going it?”
Lime’s Mom: “Fine, fine. But listen, I have some things to send to you. I wanted to confirm your address and get a phone number to put onto the package…”
Me: “Um… phone number?”
Lime’s Mom: “Yes. For the delivery guy, you know. Because the items are perishable, and I don’t want them to get held onto by the delivery company, as that’ll cause them to spoil.”
Me: “Delivery…? Ah. You’re something send.”
Lime’s Mom: “Yes. Some food. Homemade side-dishes, for you guys. So I don’t want it to go bad.”
Me: “So you’re sending something with a delivery guy.”
Lime’s Mom: “Yes. Food.”
Me: “Food. Uh… oh! Your needing is address!”
Lime’s Mom: “Lime already gave it to me. I have it here, can you confirm?”
Me: “Sorry?”
Lime’s Mom: “Address. I’ll read it off, and you tell me if it’s right. Got it?”
Me: “Oh, address. Just a second… I’ll get it.”
Lime’s Mom: “Uh…” [begins reading off address.]
Me: “Yes, right. Right…. good. Yes, that’s exact correct!”
Lime’s Mom: “And the office number is right?”
Me: “Yes, correct.”
Lime’s Mom: “It should arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I imagine. Oh, do you have the phone number to the office? So the delivery guy can call in case he can’t find the building?”
Me: Beep. beep beep-beep.
Lime’s Mom: ?
Me: “Sorry. It’s be in phone. My phone. I’m find. I’m call again.”
Lime’s Mom: “Okay, please call me back, then.”

That’s probably enough to give you an idea — the second phone call was much shorter and less garbled, because I’d turned on the “Oh, now I’m speaking Korean!” bit of my brain. Actually, I don’t think my grammar is as bad as I rendered it above, but my pronunciation is pretty weird these days, and my competency is pretty much like what you’d imagine from the above.

I guess practicing a little more, and a little study too, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

In other news, I lost one student assignment, and unaccountably cannot find it; I will be receiving a credit card next week, finally; and I found someone’s birth certificate and citizenship certificate in a drawer in the desk in my apartment. I shall try to find the person who left it behind, since I imagine he might like to have his kids’ original documents.

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