The Shoopah Assault

I’ve got about 20 pages left to re-edit on “Jjangguk” (out of approximately 90) and so far, I’m not quite halfway towards my goal of cutting it to 15000 words. It’s hovering at just about 18000 words, from a previous total of 20,500 words. However, I think I’m getting it about as tight as it’s going to be, so I think I’m soon going to have to simply concede to the fact this story wants to be this long, and send it out to find its way through the world.

I’m at the climactic part where a bunch of heroes — by now, true heroes — are mounting their final assault against the baddies. I’d rather keep working at it, but I promised myself to stop when eye strain started bugging me. Even this post is breaking my promise a little. So I’ll go off and finish reading the issue of Interzone that I’m currently reading, instead. Or maybe take a nap. I slept a lot today, though — I’m sick with a cold. But it’s okay, I have no exams to supervise or give tomorrow, so it’s a calm, quiet day off. I was thinking of heading to another University to do some research, but I think I’ll relax and try to get a little better, and see if I can’t finish off this draft, along with typing up some feedback for various student projects and presentations.

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