Au Privave

Not a jazz post. Just a note: I’ve posted a few things on private setting. If you sign in, you can see them. Or friends signed in at livejournal can also see them on my LJ, which mirrors my content here. Sensitive subjects or private ones.

12 thoughts on “Au Privave

  1. While I think what happened was horrible, and while the pictures are graphic, they really aren’t much more graphic than what Mental Floss (a relatively new, slightly edgier version of Reader’s Digest) used to illustrate it’s piece on the “Body Worlds” exhibition.

  2. That is SO weird! Technically, there was a plugin switched off (though I’d forgotten about that and made some private posts), and so Mark shouldn’t have been able to see those posts. Hmmmm. Anyway, it’s switched on again. Can y’all see my posts now?

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