New Look (But A Bit Hairy For Now)

My site has a new look, in keeping with the fact I’m actually giving out my URL when I publish stories. More changes are to come, but I can finally unveil the (mostly-ripped-off) look. Now, time to get away from my computer for a bit.

Things to do:

  • add workout tracker postings to footer
  • filter several post categories from the “main” blog page
  • add a “front page” with a slightly different template — something slightly less bloggy
  • for that matter, edit the non-blog page template to be a little less bloggy in the same way
  • do up a few more images for the header — I think 5 or 6 b&w images in rotation will do for now
  • fiddle with the footer (a pure background color for the whole block would be nice so I don’t have to size-limit it) and eliminate the purple stripe
  • add “Recent Comments” under the “Recent Posts” in the footer
  • have the “Recent Posts” section leave up what’s already in the posts section
  • edit the defaults for the progressbar plugin
  • try moving the Workout Tracker, Delicious linklog, and “Short, Maybe Not Sweet” section back to the main page.
  • do up an “Other Publications” category for non-fiction and poetry I’ve published, and exclude it from the main blog posting area
  • experiment with expanding the librarything “Newest Books” section
  • set up a proper archives page to allow access to the archives without an ugly list of links and categories
  • rework the categories; consider switching to tagging posts
  • add (and resize) the links in the left sidebar
  • test in Windows Explorer
  • verify the HTML is standards compliant

11 thoughts on “New Look (But A Bit Hairy For Now)

  1. Wow. Great redesign. Derivative or not (and when it comes down to it, what is not derivative?), it looks great. I’m trying to think of an adjective that hasn’t already been used… “sleek” was my first thought.

    I’ll go with “suave.” Yes, I quite like that. Or maybe “sophisticated.”

    Oh, and congrats on your recent sales!

  2. Thanks, everyone!


    I think I’ve ditched “eclexys” though I don’t feel like emailing everyone with that name on the linkroll to notify them.

    Hm. I’ll think it over.


    It was mostly the template that was screwing things up. Just a messy, bad template issue. I’m hoping too keep this one clean and smooth. The fewer hacks the better.

    One thing that might help is the fact I started using widgets, but I don’t think that helps so much! I think it’s just the new template and a lot less load.

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