I said NOT Garbage. Twice.

I’m one of those people who can ignore annoyances for a little while, but eventually gets fed up with them and decides to do something. And of course, for this I get headaches, most of the time.

For example, the mailbox for the Foreign Professor’s residence on campus.

Over the last few months, I’d noticed that checking mail had become somewhat of a chore, an annoyance, and finally an impossibility. The reason is that the damned mailbox — a single cubby on the wall of the security office in another building on the other side of campus — was completely stuffed with the random credit card statements, junk mail, and other postal detritus of people who either live on campus now, or else haven’t lived on campus for years and years.

Finally, in annoyance, I brought the whole bloody stack of it home and put it in a box, typed up notices, and put them up on the doors. I left the box on the table by the front door.

When I was leaving it there, the cleaning ladies were taking out the recycling, which also happens to be left in bins by the front door. I told them, explicitly, “스래기 안?예요.  편지  입니다!”  I made the crossed X sign with my arms when I said that it wasn’t garbage, and I said it twice for good measure. They nodded, laughing, and continued on with their work.

And now, I return to see that the box is gone.

Who knows. Another resident of the building may have grabbed the box to go through. Or maybe the old ladies didn’t understand me and trashed it. Perhaps I should have left it in the lounge, instead, but really… I said it wasn’t garbage. Twice.

Maybe I can call and ask tomorrow.


Ah well. At least my classes are going well… with the exception of one that has only 5 students, but 12 registered. I have to figure out whether it’s really going to happen or not, and much as I like the students in it, and much as I appreciate their eagerness, this class is overtime and I would like to be less overloaded than I am. Suffice it to say the office assistant will be calling around tomorrow evening to see whether those registered are planning to attend.

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