Heater Present. Cannot See. Don’t Worry.

One of my classes was moved this week to the new building on campus. I was a little surprised, to be told that I’d be moving. My evening schedule is pretty odd, is why. The night classes at my university run like the day classes — each “hour” has 50 minutes. However, while the break between classes is 10 minutes in the daytime, it’s only 5 minutes at night. This means we can get five “class hours” in from 6:00 to 10:30, not just four and a half.

Whatever you think of this, it’s really hard to get the schedule in your head. Earlier in the semester, I was knocking on the classroom door so profs would end class on time and I could start on time, five minutes later, in the same room. Last night, after the room change, I was the one who stayed too long.

Then I went to my second class, which is in a room so big I think it could be partitioned up and used for a whole family to live in. The classroom is supposedly big enough for 160 students! (But since all the big classes already have rooms, my class of 13 students is taking place there.) That’s fine, since we’ll be having debates in that room. It means we can invite lots of friends to be in the audience.

But anyway, it was cold! I don’t know if it’s because there are no offices in the building (and thus no rooms being heated) or because of the huge windows in the room, but unlike my other classrooms, it was quite chilly there. This prompted me to look around to see if there were any signs of heating vents.

I looked around, while my students discussed debate topics they want to use for their final, and there wasn’t a single heating vent I could find! Curious, I asked one of the office assistants about it, and she said there was central heating. She even asked when the heat will be turned on. (From November.) That’s fine, I suppose… it’ll make for a few chilly evenings, but it’s livable; I may try to find a warmer room for the interim classes, of which there are only a couple thanks to the midterm exam week next week.

But anyway, I did find it odd. I wonder how the hot air will be piped into the classrooms. Maybe there are vents and I didn’t notice them. Maybe they’ll be using a system under the floor? Or, who knows, maybe they’ll install something on some weekend. The building was just finished last weekend, anyway; I wandered into it and saw power saws and raw piping and construction materials all over. But the new classrooms are very nice indeed.

I think I’m going to see just how many students I can get to attend the final exam in the debate class. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an audience of 160?

(Covers ears. Does not hear desperate protestations of students.)

Okay, maybe 80…

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