Bye, Wonjjang

Two posts just got eaten. How come it only happens when I blog using Internet Exploiter?

Anyway, I got Wonjjang out the door today. Poor fella has been waiting to be sent out into the cold, cruel world for a while now. That brings my current total number of stories out to market up to six. (Not including that story at Adbusters that I gave up on, which is nearly 11 months with no response, and which I only leave in my submissions tracker because, hey, it’s amusing me.)

Dhuluma…” and “McWar” (which will be retitled) will also both be sent out in a week or so, as well. Then, I’ll be standing at the verge of having some free time… maybe. (I may also be on the verge of a job search. Nobody’s said either way.) If that time remains relatively free, I intend to spend some of it reading just for pleasure, something I haven’t managed to do in a while (maybe Watts’ Blindsight, or maybe one of the novels by Nick Mamatas that I just received), and putting some of it into researching some background for A Killing in Burma, which has somehow decided it wants to be a short novel. I also need to get my hands on a copy of Kipling’s Kim as research for my planned short story “And the Blind, Given Sight…” and to do some basic editing and polishing on “The Broken Path” (to be retitled) for a mid-December deadline. If I can also conjure up another story — about the fella sent to get medicine for a Korean prince who, in real life, went crazy and was executed by his father in a very brutal way (suffocation in a rice chest) — I’ll be even happier. (That tale doesn’t seem to want to be more than a few thousand words long, maybe four, but the research necessary will be immense.)

Anyway, that’s how things look now. I am so looking forward to pleasure-reading. Need to get more of that in soon!

2 thoughts on “Bye, Wonjjang

  1. I think you answered your own question there…

    I’ve never had a problem with WP eating posts, but I’ve always saved and previewed first, so that might explain some of it. Then, I don’t think I’ve used IE to blog.

  2. Heh, I asked for that. It’s just weird that WordPress behaves so weirdly in Windows. I also sometimes can’t sign in on my blog, even when the username and password are correct! (In Windows, that is.) I was also trying to save and so on… Ah well, the solution is not to use Windows. (I just happened to log on to edit a text in Word, because I have to know how files look in Word when I submit them electronically, and ended up blogging a little while logged in.)

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