Happy Thing-Thing

Not everyone in the world — or even among my readers — is celebrating Christmas, but it does seem that this time of year is rife with alternate holidays. A friend of mine used to say he was celebrating the Midwinter Atheists’ Pissup, and it’s as good a handle as any to hang this day on.

Of course, it’s also Lime’s birthday, so I made her a cheesecake. (Photo forthcoming.) I was shocked — it actually turned out okay. Better than okay. Chocolate cheesecake. Not as pretty as the ones my friend Jack used to make, but delicious all the same. I’ll post a shot once my batteries are charged and I get a chance to snap a fresh slice. It may not look like much, but Lime liked it so much she had a slice this morning for breakfast — after having had one last night.

She gave me a really neat light for reading at night without disturbing other people around me — a plate glass with a plastic handle that shoots light through the glass, thereby illuminating the page beneath. It’s called a Lightwedge, and this is what it looks like.

She also got me Season 3 of The Sopranos, which I’ve been itching to get to for a while. (I’ll have to keep itching for now, since I still have some essays to read and a lot of grades to work out.)

As for Lime, she has in her posession some books and a tumbler from Starbucks that she’d been wanting for a while, but the real present I gave her, besides those things, was a list of stuff she either wants or needs but won’t buy for herself. Her digital camera is dying, and it’s been time for a new one for ages, but she won’t get one. Some clothes that aren’t for work. Stuff like that.

I’ll be taking her for Japanese at this place she loves, called Dan Sushi, but that won’t be for a while — she’s decided she’d prefer to stay home today, and have chicken burritos, which is the meal she’s been dying to have for days, and which isn’t available in any better form around here than the way I make ’em.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to grading again. The deadline is next Monday, and I have a lot to do! But for today? Time to relax and make some chicken burritos.

Happy Merry Joyful Relaxing Whatever It Is That You Do…

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