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See that new block in the sidebar? Yep, I’m flogging CDs for a now long-disbanded rock group. I figure, what the hell, someone might actually want a copy. Better than all that plastic and paper and time and music gone to waste.

Not that anyone in the band has seen a red cent for it — though to be fair I don’t know if it ever earned back the studio costs, but then again we’ve never seen numbers either to the best of my knowledge — but there are still CDs of Dabang Band’s Product album available through YesAsia.com.

(For those who don’t know, this is the band I played saxophone in for the first three years I was in Korea. It formed just when I arrived, I joined two months later in March 2002, and I played with them until around November of 2004.)

You can preview the tracks here — I’m naughty and I posted them all, because relations seem to have broken down with the label who is the official copyright holder (call it civil disobedience) — but the art’s nice, and you’ll be glad to have the whole thing someday. So if you do want to buy it — from YesAsia, not from me — click on the image below.

Dabang Product CD image

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