By the Way…

Happy new year, everyone!

We had ice cream cake, pasta, and wine last night. We watched, oh, it must have been about the last half of season 2 of Carnivale today. It’s been relaxed and fun, especially aftar all the frantic scurrying of the last week or so.

Tomorrow, I am back to scurrying: off to the bank to get some kind of digital something-something so that my credit card purchases and medical expenses can be applied to my taxes. And I’m going to have to make a trip to Yongsan to get a receipt updated — for some reason Lime’s name was put on instead of mine, and it’s my work expense, not hers. And I’ll see if I can get a receipt for the laptop I got the other week — I forgot to ask for one with the updated cost I had to pay for the slight upgrade that was able to run Linux Mint.

(Sadly, charities I’ve donated to outside of the USA apparently don’t count toward my Korean taxes. Donations out of country? What a fool I was to think they might actually count.)

I think I’ll also try very hard Wednesday night to book a ticket for somewhere for my holidays. I haven’t had a chance to even think it over, but I’m playing with the idea of going to Vietnam.  Unless I can talk Lime into going to Hong Kong with me for a little while, and then bouncing myself back through somewhere warm and beachy. (I need to check the weather conditions in Vietnam right now, which is one reason I’ve held off.)

Then Thursday, I’ll go to the office to try get my taxes done, and fax some paperwork to my previous employer — apparently it’s not too late for me to collect the pension money from my last job! — followed by some kind of official lunch with some people from a department I do editing for.

Maybe Friday I’ll get to relax again. Man oh man! But at least there’s today — a relatively quiet oasis. And the emails from students protesting their grades seems to have slowed…

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