Busy Busy

Yes, on holiday, I am busy busy. Working on getting “Winter Wheat” quite ready. The task for the next couple of days is trimming off 500 words, just to see if I can, thus getting it into the official wordcount limits of Tesseracts12. I also have a minor rewrite request for “Dhuluma No More…”

That means “Defect” slides onto the backburner, probably will I get home, and the Cone Zero thing too. (Though there are no deadlines for those, so it’s fine.) I am also horribly behind on my first installment of “XY” for Cahoots, but I am writing it. And figuring out what I actually am trying to say as I go.

The progress bars are SO out of whack. I’ll go adjust them a little now.

And yes, this is me on holiday. And happily writing away.

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