in bangkok

One thing I got to say — the raised pedestrian walkways make life a lot easier. I wish they were building that in Seoul, instead of a silly canal to Busan. (So we wouldn’t have to stand at every corner for five minutes waiting to cross the street.)

Oh, and the VIP seats in the movie theaters? Well, maybe not VIP, but I saw Cloverfield (“Cleverfield,” I appropriately typoed) at the SFX cinema in Central World I think it’s call, and that was SO worth it. Airplane first-class style seats. Blanket because the aircon is so high. Fine time. Wish you could get that in Seoul, too. (Maybe you can, but I’ve never seen it. If you can, please tell me!) 

I’m staying near Siam Square, by the way, and it is indeed very nice to be nowhere near Khao San Road. (And my place doesn’t cost that much, either.)

Off to go find something to eat.

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  1. That’s where we stayed when we returned to Bangkok from our trip around Thailand. We stayed on Khao San Road when we first arrived and, like you, were very relieved to be away from it.

    Sounds like you’re having a good time on your trip. Glad to hear that.

  2. Charles,

    Yeah, this area’s much more, um, earthlike.

    The trip’s gotten markedly easier (and more comfortable, and less maddening) since I got to Vientiane. I’m over being turned off by northern Laos, and even in Vientiane I found it okay. But I like Bangkok much more. Got a few days coming on the beach, starting tomorrow night. But in true, um, messed-up style, nobody I’ve tried to reserve a room with is responding to emails. Looks like I shall simply have to call.

    How’s things in Seoul? (Aside from Lost S3?) Perhaps we can get together again sometime in February? I’ll be back for most of the month.

  3. Honey,

    Yeah, the same BAD ROBOT. I you’re taking a break from studying, his movie, Cloverfield might be a fun, short distraction from all that stuff you’re reading.


    I’d like to see a really smart, Blair-Witchy kind of thing where people are brought into a fantasy world — one more like what our real middle ages looked like. Despotic king, hungry peasants, and revolts suppressed by insane propaganda. But with magic and beasties and so on. That’d be fun.

  4. Shooting on a digital camera is a lot of fun. I co-directed a movie, and I was surprised at how slick a production can be with relatively low overhead.

    I’m looking forward to the new season of Lost – blogging about that series, like Weeds was a real labor of love.

  5. Mark,

    What movie did you co-direct? Is it online anywhere? I don’t think I’d be into doing that, but writing a script, I could do. :)

    By new Season you mean S4, right? I’ve seen all of S3 but will be buying the box. I like the show a lot, and nothing else has surfaced to distract me enough to give up on it. (Certainly not Heroes: I found I thought less of people who raved about how much better than Lost this new show Heroes was, since it started out the season REALLY rough. Kind of like, a TV show about superheroes by some TV exec who’d never read a comic book, and thought he was breaking new ground or something…)

  6. We’ve got some screencaps and storyboards up. We did some editing, but I don’t think we ever nailed the sound down. It’s surprising how difficult making a two minute movie can be from scripting to storyboarding to shooting and editing. Screencaps and storyboards can be found here:

    You’ll have to scroll down a bit to see them.

  7. NB: Yeah, I just saw the season premier of four last night with my sweetie pie. Usually I do a full on review, but I skipped that write about my “weird beard story arc” theory for season four.

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