The Horror of Arirang, and on Ao Nang

A few nights ago, when I started writing this, I was in my room in Vientiane, wondering whether I should go to the North-Korean restaurant Pyongyang for dinner. It was rather far off, and I’d already wandered around a fair bit that day, but curiosity, oh but it niggled. I didn’t end up going, though. […]

in bangkok

One thing I got to say — the raised pedestrian walkways make life a lot easier. I wish they were building that in Seoul, instead of a silly canal to Busan. (So we wouldn’t have to stand at every corner for five minutes waiting to cross the street.) Oh, and the VIP seats in the […]

Make Lemonade… in Luang Prabang

An okay night’s sleep in Luang Prabang has me a little more positive again. I still was trying to get out of the country ASAP, but wouldn’t you know, all the flights are full until the 28th. I saved myself a few days, though — going to Bangkok then. Strangely struck by a disinterest even […]

Vientiane afternoon

It’s a quiet afternoon in Vientiane. I got an air ticket to Luang Prabang, because taking the bus for 11 hours doesn’t appeal. I would upload a photo, but I forgot to install LightZone and the few I’ve taken so far are all in RAW format. Silly me. The thing about traveling with a new […]