Wonjjang Sold!

I’m pleased to announce that my “Asian superhero team” story “Wonjjang and the Madman of Pyongyang” will be appearing in the Canadian speculative fiction anthology Tesseracts12, edited by Claude Lalumière, in 2008.

It’s my third submission to Tesseracts, the first being a ghost story I sent back in the mid-90s (and which the editor recommended I send to someone else, and mention his or her name on it, but I didn’t as I wasn’t so happy with the story when I saw it again), and the being second last year. Third time’s the charm, I guess?

In any case, I’m insanely pleased that Wonjjang has found himself a home. And now, to finish rewriting the story I got accepted elsewhere, but need to rework slightly. I’ll announce that one when the rewrite is approved.

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  1. Kwandongbrian,

    Thanks for mentioning it to me. I was just waiting to mention it here because the rights to Pahwakhe weren’t clear yet. I just got word (a few minutes ago) that Fantasy has given Podcastle permission to go ahead with it. I’ll be announcing the podcast’s going live soon, and of course announcing when Pahwakhe goes online.

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