Sold: Dhuluma No More…

I’m very pleased to say that my tale of climatech, climaterrorism, the global south, and journalism in the mid-21st century, “Dhuluma No More,” has been accepted for publication in Asimov’s SF!

That’s my second official pro sale of 2008, and the year’s still very young! It’s also my second sale to Asimov’s!

I owe a big thanks to my friends from Clarion West who helped me out with a much earlier draft titled “Ogallalla”… especially Shawn Scarber… from whom I learned a lot when he discussed the original (and triple the current length) draft of this story. Since I can’t link to my own story online, I’ll refer you to Shawn’s at Abyss and Apex, which is titled A Clockwork Break. Go check it out, it’s good stuff!

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