A Good Birthday

It was, though technically we sort of celebrated it a day early. I made dinner (steaks, steamed vegetables, and even the gravy turned out!) and we had wine, and chocolate cake, and Lime gave me all kinds of terribly fattening but delicious treats — chocolates, shortbreads — and a very fine new wallet, which I have been needing.

As for today (er, well, the 4th, which is technically yesterday but I’m still awake), my actual birthday: after my last class of the day (which ended at 7:50) we had some very expensive Scotch (it’s a long story involving my bad memory, Yae Rim almost missing a plane, and a hurried duty-free store purchase), and watched Ed Wood.

She hated the Scotch, didn’t get the movie, but soldiered on because she could see that I loved both. (I finished her Scotch off, but sadly only after the addition of ice and some cold water, neither of which made it more palatable for her.) And then I went and updated my classes-related website. Which took HOURS. But it was a good birthday. I guess I should call my mother tomorrow morning, when I wake up. It’ll still be the 4th there…

I’ve also gotten tons of kind wishes for my birthday, emails and facebook messages and more, all of which is very heartening, as the arrival of the yellow dust (a bothersome regularity this time of year) and the beginning of semester have me slightly harried and slightly more crotchety than usual.

All in all, a good birthday.

5 thoughts on “A Good Birthday

  1. Happy birthday!!!

    Oh it’s terrible. I knew it just before, but congratulations more than anyone!!!

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