new free music

Free, and DRM-free, music:

Worth checking out…

2 thoughts on “new free music

  1. I have the new NIN album sitting on my desktop, but I’m not really that into it. I used to be into NIN when I was in university, but it doesn’t seem to resonate with me anymore. I think you need a certain amount of bitterness and loathing to really relate to NIN. Thankfully, I seem to be lacking that.

  2. Heh… I find older albums good backgrouund for writing battle scenes and such, but I haven’t hurried to check this one out. Actually, I haven’t even unzipped the archive, truth be told! (Too busy… maybe later in the week.)

    I do seem to have bitterness and loathing, but we’ll see if it’s enough later on…

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