So, Then… aka Squee

The subscriber issues of Asimov’s July ’08 issue are out, and apparently there’s a review of my story in it coming in Locus… I’ll be waiting a while for my copy, but the gist is here. And it’s been a springboard to at least one discussion of jazz SF already at the Asimov’s board. Is it impolitic to jump in on such a discussion? I would like to inform Redmarvel that the fate of the cowboys will not always be a mystery, if I get my way… but wouldn’t want to make people feel like they can’t bash the story if they wish!

2 thoughts on “So, Then… aka Squee

  1. Yay. If Locus likes it, then maybe at least we can get your name on that ballot. Squee indeed!

    Congrats. Good also to see you’ll have another piece is Asimov’s; I’m still assigned to them, thank you for making my job easy! ( :

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