Hilarious Hermione Horror

One of my Media English students — I’m not sure which one, though I’ll find out on Thursday I suppose — uploaded made this hilarious trailer remix (link for LJers, the video is embedded below) as a final project in our class. (They’re doing media remixes, as a kind of break from all the studying of Lawrence Lessig we did this half of semester.) Normally, a short trailer remix is something I’d be so-so about for such a big project, but (minor English glitches aside) this is pretty damned good, if you ask me!

(Good enough, indeed, that I had a look around to make sure it wasn’t, er, you know.)

2 thoughts on “Hilarious Hermione Horror

  1. Yay ! That’s great !

    It seems to have a potential to get viral on youTube…

    It always feels good when students hand out great work. Congrats on your class and congrats to your student !

  2. Yeah, I loved it. I’m thinking I should have had them doing things like this all semester, instead of just as a final project! Ah well… maybe next time!

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